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The Importance of HVAC Cleanings

9/8/2023 (Permalink)

Every residential structure has an HVAC system, but how many of them get cleaned regularly, if at all? The answer is unfortunately, not very many. There are several things that can happen in an HVAC that goes uncleaned. It starts with what resides in them. The most common substance is dust. Additionally, if the home owner has pets; pet hair is very common. Dirt, critters, rodents, and pests, like cockroaches, crickets, rats, and mice, and even mold if there is humidity in the vents is also very common. The problems that can be caused if any of these things are found is increased energy bill, reduced efficiency of the heating and cooling system, a smelly home, respiratory issues because of dirty air circulating throughout the house, and microbial organisms that are harmful to lungs. Mold could be considered the most concerning substance found in vents. Moisture from condensation, over time, can grow mildew and mold.

SERVPRO® suggests that air ducts be cleaned by a professional every 3 to 5 years. Call 563-386-3540 to have a certified professional come to your home and have your HVAC system cleaned!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

7/14/2023 (Permalink)

Clean. Clean. Clean.

The way we want our furniture and carpet to be!

Over time, upholstery on furniture collects dirt and often different liquids that stain. Sometimes store-bought chemicals and scrubbers don’t do the job. SERVPRO has specially made chemicals that get out the tough stains. We have many different cleaning methods that very per stain type. We have encountered furniture that has been in a family for decades and never been cleaned, but at one time the furniture item was high-quality and it still could be, it just needs a good clean! As far as using store bought chemicals for antique furniture it can end up causing harm to the upholstery. Our goal is to return the upholstery to the original appearance. The deep cleaning of original items doesn’t just go for furniture, we also have encountered very old rugs as well. It’s important to have a trusted company that will handle the family heirlooms with care!

Signs of Mold

7/10/2023 (Permalink)


Are you wondering if you might have mold in your house or commercial building?

Here are some indicators that this may be the case!

The most common sign is a rotten smell. Mold or mildew has a distinct smell… A musty or damp smell. If you are wanting to find the mold, the best way is to follow your nose to the growth or look for obvious signs of mold. Visual signs include contamination or warping of flooring or wall material, furniture that has fungus, or obvious visual mold growth itself.

If you had former water damage, a water leak, or if there is excessive amounts of humidity, it could be possible that mold has formed over time. Another indicator of mold is you have consistent allergy symptoms or a cough or cold that will not go away. We are not health experts, but this a common occurrence that we see with our customers who spend time in a home or building that has mold present.

If you think that it is possible that there is mold is your home or commercial building; we have the unique equipment needed to find the mold and to get rid of it. Mold can be very dangerous, so it is important to get it removed as fast as possible!

What we can do for you

12/20/2022 (Permalink)

When damages try to take control of your life, SERVPRO can help you take it back. SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island provides system services for residential and commercial properties.


  • Water removal and dehumidification
  • Fire, Smoke, and Soot
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation
  • Reconstruction
  • Catastrophic Storm Response
  • Document Drying


  • Bioremediation and Vandalism
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Hardwood Floors
  • Deodorization and Odor Removal
  • Air Ducts and HVAC
  • Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit of poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the air duct work of your home or business. Also, if your HVAC has been operating awhile without attention, it could be circulating odors, dust, and other contaminants.

Homes and Businesses:

  • Are you a homeowner? SERVPRO knows that your home is your most valuable asset and is a reflection of you. Your home makes an impression on those who enter. You have invested your time, energy, and hard-earned resources to protect and increase the value of your home. SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island wants to provide you solutions that allow you to do so.

Are you a business owner? According to the latest research, as many as 50% of businesses close following a disaster. The ones that survive have a preparedness plan set in place. Pre-planning speaks trust to your staff and customers. SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island is a resource you can utilize to ensure the preparedness of your company if a disaster were to occur.

Natural disasters in Illinois and how to prepare

12/20/2022 (Permalink)

When the announcement that a storm is headed your way comes across your TV, phone, or radio what do you plan to do? Violent storms can occur at any moment and anytime across the world. The most dangerous natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes are more likely to occur in the west coast of the United States, but the central part of the United States face disasters too. Occurrences such as severe storms, floods, tornadoes, winter storms, and power outages, etc. happen each year and anytime is a great time to prepare – to ensure yourself, your loved ones, your home, or business, are all ready to handle any potential damage that a storm may bring. 

So how can I prepare now?”, you may ask. SERVPRO has provided for you tips and tricks of how to do so.


  • SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island encourages you to assemble a disaster preparedness team with a representative from each department to help
    • Establish vulnerabilities in each department to mitigate risks
    • Set up multiple locations to access documents to prevent loss
    • Backup documents and data
    • Organize a contact list of people within the company
    • Create evacuation plans
    • Establish a meeting place within or outside of the building for safety purposes
    • Relay the disaster preparedness plan to the staff
    • Test the preparedness, response, and recovery plans
  • Have Thorough Communication
    • It’s important for employees in the business to know the order of operations for the preparedness, response, and recovery plan throughout the year. Striving to plan a staff meeting once every quarter will ensure everyone is in the loop with the plan, drills and protocols.
  • Protect your Power and Electricity
    • Many natural disasters may cause power outages that shut down operations for prolonged periods. To mitigate risks, invest in a generator or an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system and surge protectors. Emergency power sources can help keep your business operational and prevent damage to electronic
  • Have a Plan for Recovery
    • A plan for your business continuity is just as important as disaster preparedness and response plans. Be sure to have finances prepared for natural disasters. Make an appointment with your insurance agent to learn more about their commercial policy coverage, the amount offered, and your business’ Be sure to have coverage for incidents like water damage, tornado damages, and other business interruptions as well.
    • One of the biggest allies when it comes to natural disaster preparedness is having a cleaning and restoration services like those provided by SERVPRO. We are happy to serve. When a storm hits, know SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island is here to help. SERVPRO is 24/7 with full-service capabilities.


  • SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island encourages you to establish a family preparedness plan. Inform your family about the importance of knowing this by hosting a family meeting.
    • Explain what to do during each natural disaster occurrence
    • Give each household member a task that works with the overall family plan
    • Decide on what locations you all will meet in case a disaster strikes
    • Plan and discuss what to do during an evacuation
    • Plan how the family will communicate during a circumstance like this
    • Be sure to consider family member/s with disabilities and pets in the plan and adjust accordingly
  • Identify Hazards
    • Clarify what types of disasters are likely to happen in our area
    • Learn about our community’s warning systems and signals (sirens, text messages, etc.)
    • Stay up to date about the weather and seasonal changes by watching the local news, listening to radio broadcasts, or looking at the weather forecast on your phone. 
    • Identify local humanitarian relief groups (Red Cross, Red Crescent, nonprofits, etc.)
    • Remain up to date on the disaster plans at your workplace, your children's school, and other places you all spend time together.
  • Establish Plan
    • Get flood insurance. Homeowner’s insurance DOES NOT cover flood damages
    • Create a disaster supply kit that is easy to carry
    • Locate a safe place in the home for each disaster type
    • Determine the best evacuation routes from your home
    • Show each family member how and where to shut off utilities (gas, water, electricity)
    • Create an inventory list of the property and items in your home
    • Identify where the fire extinguisher is in the home and how to use it
    • Keep a list of emergency contact hung up in your home
  • Test the Disasters Preparedness Plan
    • Practice your plan every four to six months
    • Check your kit every three to four months
    • Replace the water and food items every three months
    • Be sure to keep your emergency contact list up to date

Lastly, knowing what you are dealing with when it comes to storms is helpful as well. Do you know the difference between a storm warning and a storm watch?

Watch: Be prepared! Which means severe thunderstorms are likely to occur in the area and could last within a 4–6-hour window. During a watch, stay informed, be safe, and be ready to act if needed.

Warning: Take action! Which means severe weather conditions have been spotted or indicated on the radar. A warning will usually cover a city or smaller county. The duration of these is usually an hour. People within the hour should seek shelter immediately.

SERVPRO Knows the Science Behind Drying

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has special equipment and advanced techniques to get your property dry quickly and efficiently.

You have a water damage and you need to act quick. Your first instinct may be to grab towels and set up fans. But it isn't always that easy; in fact, additional damage is very likely if a structure is not dried quickly and properly. At SERVPRO, we understand that there is a science to drying. Having an understanding of psychrometrics is the key to the drying process. Our staff is highly trained and well versed in the industry standards to facilitate a quick and effective process.

You may notice that, for instance, your basement is not getting dry even though oyu have several fans going. While moisture will naturally move to drier air at the surface of the material, this only occurs if the air is drier than the material. Therefore, if your basement air is moist, the moisture in your carpet or walls will not come out. This is why you need to dry the air in addition to attempting to dry the materials.

When we get to your home or business, we will first inspect the structure to pinpoint all wet areas. We then want to measure the amount of moisture within the wet materials to ensure that they are drying properly. All the while, our professional, state-of-the-art drying equipment will be running in the background. Having our machines present will speed up the natural drying process, which will help you avoid secondary damages to your structure. The faster the water is dried, the less damage that will occur.

SERVPRO Offers Superior Commercial Cleaning

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

A clean business shows your customers you care about the details.

You may know SERVPRO as the leading company in the fire and water restoration industry, but restoration is only the beginning of the services we offer. One of these services is commercial cleaning. At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of your business being a clean and safe environment for customers, as well as employees. After years of use, carpets and furniture can become soiled and visibly dirty. SERVPRO specializes in the deep clean of carpet, furniture, drapes, and more. No matter the size or scope of your job, we will make sure your commercial facility is clean and fresh.

While purchasing our cleaning service will improve your business’s appearance, it can also save you money in the long run. This is because routine cleaning of carpets and office furniture will result in increased longevity.  

No matter the size of your commercial facility, SERVPRO has you covered for all of your cleaning needs. You can focus on your business; we have the cleaning covered.

Post-Construction Clean-Up

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Are you getting near the end of a construction job? As any construction company knows, the job isn't over when you finish the work: everything must be cleaned! Not to worry; SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island offers post-construction job clean-up.

Once your work is complete, SERVPRO will come in to make sure every inch of your project is spotless and ready for its intended use. Of course, depending on the facility or project, there is different methods that will need to be employed. This is why SERVPRO will customize our cleaning plan based on your needs and your schedule.

If you need a deep clean on your construction site or post-construction facility, call SERVPRO today. Whether you need a building material clean-up  or a fine, deep cleaning of residential or commercial facilities, we have 25 years of experience in the Quad Cities and professionally trained staff at your service. We are "Here to Help."

Summer Storm Season

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

While many associate spring with sometimes severe weather, the threat of stormy weather continues well into summer. In fact, the potential for storms can actually increase during the summer depending on your region. For the Quad Cities, this increase in potential comes in the form of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

Though it is often difficult to be prepared for unpredictable weather, there are steps you can take now to ensure your preparedness and, thus, your safety. If you own a business, you may want to consider an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) from SERVPRO. Either way, you can use the following tips to prepare for the possibility of severe weather:

  • Create an emergency supply kit and a communication plan for your family.
  • Always unplug electronic appliances, such as computers, TVs, microwaves, etc., to avoid damage.
  • Fasten-down outdoor objects, such as patio furniture or grills.
  • Seek shelter if you are outdoors.
  • Use a battery operated radio to listen for weather updates.

For more severe weather safety tips, call your local SERVPRO of Moline/Rock Island.

The Dangers of House-Fire Aftermath

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke moves quickly throughout your home during a fire. Even small fires may require professional cleaning and restoration services.

Inhaling any type of smoke can be detrimental to your health, even for short periods of time. In fact, the leading cause of death in house fires is not from the fire itself, but instead smoke inhalation. Just a few minutes of smoke exposure to lungs can cause cardiac arrest, brain damage, and even death. But even after the fire stops, the damage left behind can pose further dangers to your health.

Every year, there are over 1 million house fires. Each of these fires leaves beyond VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are released from the burning contents within the structure. One of these VOCs is cyanide, which is released when synthetic materials--such as rubber, plastic, or foam--are burnt. Because exposure to these toxic VOCs can cause permanent health issues, it is important that you call a professional to access your damage, large or small. If you have experienced a house fire, call SERVPRO today to help restore your home and protect your health from the dangers of smoke and fire damage.